Outlaw's Natural Nail Salon

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions. This is a work in progress and will be updated as new questions are asked.

What are Gel nails?

Gels are a more natural looking product that can be used to enhance your nails similar to the acrylics you are used to seeing. They create low to no odor which makes them more eco-friendly than traditional acrylics. They are not as thick as acrylics which makes them more wearable because there is less breakage and less lifting. They are put on in layers and each layer is cured under a UV or LED light depending on the product used. We use Eco Nail Systems by Star Nail International. With that line we can do color over tips, almost any color you could imagine, or traditional white tips with clear or natural pink over them. You spend less than 10 minutes per hand under the UV light to cure them. The products that I use are soak off meaning you would soak them off in acetone like acrylics but your hands are in the acetone for around 5 minutes, rather than soaking for 30 minutes then scraping off what is left. Eco Nail Systems is also nourishing for the nails and can help thinner nails thicken up, and help shorter nails grow longer. 

What are Silk Wraps?

Silk wraps have been around for a while. If you ask someone of the older generation they will probably say they remember getting silk wraps rather than acrylics in their time. It is a wonderful system that is less damaging than acrylics, longer wearing, and more natural looking. The process of creating silk wraps goes like this: if a tip is wanted apply the tip, then take a pre-cut piece of silk and apply it to the natural nail and over the tip. You cover the silk in glue then apply an activator which hardens the glue. You put about 3 layers of the glue/activator mixture, then cut the tip to the desired length and file and shape them. The silk turns clear after the glue/activator process and looks wonderfully natural. Silks can also be done over the natural nail. They are perfect for longer nails that have split to keep them from splitting any further. The activator does create an odor but it doesn't last long. Silks also have to be soaked off with acetone but because they are basically just hardened glue they do not have to soak as long as traditional acrylics would. There is no removal of shine or oils from the nail in the entire process so the natural moisture balance of your nails is kept in tact to help keep your nails healthy and keep them from becoming thin, brittle or split. 

Do You Do Parties?

The salon does accept parties, however we ask that you book your party 3 days in advance so we can be sure to have the time to dedicate to just you and your party. We also require a 50% deposit which will cover half of the party price, meaning on the day you come in for your party, you've already paid for half of it. If you must cancel, please allow us 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment and you will get your entire deposit back. If you do not show up for your appointment and do not follow the party cancellation policy, you forfeit your deposit in whole. 

Can I Buy The Products Used During My Appointment For Home Maintenance?

Absolutely! Outlaw's has a current retail license and keeps extra retail polishes, lotions, foot files, candles, and more on hand for you to buy and take home. We want you to feel pampered and beautiful all the time, not just when you visit the salon, so we offer these products for you to do just that!