Outlaw's Natural Nail Salon

About Us

Outlaw's is an eco-friendly, natural nail salon meaning we prefer to work with natural nails. We strive to make you feel naturally beautiful. We are English speaking and strive to make you feel as comfortable as you would in your own home. Prices are low to keep them affordable to all clients, but may change from time to time as product prices change. Notice of all price changes will be given a month in advance by mail, email, Facebook, the salon blog, and notices around the salon. 

There are only a few artificial nail enhancements available in the salon. The enhancements offered are meant to nurture your natural nail and not damage them. We offer UV soak off gels over tips, UV soak off gel overlays, and silk wraps over tips or natural nails. You can learn more about these services, and all the services we offer in the salon on our Salon Services page. 

We strive to keep the salon clean and comfortable for everyone. We stick to strict Texas Sanitation Guidelines. All single use products are either given to you for home use, or thrown away after use. All metal implements are sanitized in an approved autoclave and will be sealed in a fresh package for each client. To learn more about our sanitation process please read our sanitation policy or watch us while we clean and sanitize. 

As an eco-friendly nail salon we use non-toxic products. All polishes are DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toulene free and some are vegan. All products are low odor. We recycle our nail polish bottles as well as all paper products, cans, etc. The salon participates in community clean-ups and strives to keep business local when possible.